Legal Updates:
Rajya Sabha clears Black Money Bill as approved by Lok Sabha.    SC : Prior communication of search-reasons not necessary: Reverses HC's interdiction in block-assessment     SC : Oil exploration contract to govern Sec. 42 benefit; No writ in contractual matters     SC : Pre-2005 approved housing projects but completed later eligible for Sec 80IB deduction     HC : Strikes-down amendment restricting Tribunal's power to extend stay beyond 365 days

CNGSN & ASSOCIATES LLP (CNGSN) is a Limited Liability Partnership with LLP Identity No.AAC-9402, a Chartered Accountancy firm headquartered out of Chennai, India. The firm was established during the year 1990 as a Partnership Firm and was subsequently converted to a Limited Liability Partnership with effect from 19/11/2014. The firm consists of 15 partners with multi locations in South India.